Easy Eating collects together some of my favourite recipes. They are written for people – young and old – who are inexperienced cooks and on a budget. These are recipes I like a lot, staples in my kitchen. You’ll notice that they are vegetarian and that several are also dairy free. Importantly, they are filling, tasty and easy to make.

What’s here

Each recipe contains a list of tools and ingredients, as well as the method, steps for making the dish. Most are very basic but a few are tagged advanced because they contain difficult to obtain ingredients or take many steps to prepare.

You’ll find that there are also a few articles on technique – how to make béchamel sauce, for example, or how to cut onion. You’ll also find articles with the title A Note on… These are opinion pieces. Feel free to ignore them.

Variety is the spice of life

I’ve read an article that says that the majority of British households have nine staple recipes, nine recipes that they cook on a regular basis. I’ve read another that says, actually, it’s only seven. Imagine that. One dish for each week of the day, on rotation. I suppose we don’t need much more. But, if you fancy a bit of variation, here’s enough dishes to see you through lunch and dinner for initially two weeks, eventually three, without having to repeat yourself. At the bottom of each recipe, you’ll find a list of variations, ingredients to swap, or ways you can change the recipe to make something a little different.


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